Monday, August 29, 2011


You have led me to the home 
I have searched for, which is within me

You have warmed my heart and soul
With incredible love and compassion

You have touched and softened
The deepest part of my being

You are my teacher my guide, my friend
My life, my love

I have found my home
In you and me

© Content Copyright Phyllis Doyle Burns 2011. All Rights Reserved.

More Than Friend

It seems to me he is 
more than friend
He is confrere of secrets
and dreams without end

 He hears the joy of laughter
The hurt of sorrow
The pain of loss
The hope of tomorrow

 He senses a night cry
From a distance afar
And sends comfort which lingers
Like a morning star

 His caring thoughts
Shared wisdom and tears 
Bring strength and love
Through enduring years

 Yes, he is more
Than friend
He is my light
At journey's end

© Content Copyright Phyllis Doyle Burns 2011. All Rights Reserved.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Brother Webb

He was called Will by many, but to me will always be 'Brother Webb'.

He was a loving husband, father, brother and son who was and  is loved dearly.  Webb was an independant -- a kindred spirit of the cowboy, the hobo, the Jonny Cash, Hank Williams, and Woody Guthrie type men of the world.  He sang and played his old guitar as good as the best.

He had great compassion for adventure and loved to take the unconventional way of achieving a task or reaching a goal.  He was a 'free spirit' who sang his own song, made his own path, followed his heart, and marched to his own drum.

He was passionate about life and family.  One never had to wonder if he loved you.  If he said he loved you, he did, with his whole heart -- it is as simple as that.

Webb was a truck driver and traveled this whole country.  At times he would be gone a long time, but he always found his way home -- and I know that from here, too, he found his way home to rest in the arms of our Heavenly Father.

                                                          God bless you, Brother Webb.

 © Content Copyright Phyllis Doyle Burns 2011. All Rights Reserved.