Friday, June 10, 2011

Living and Loving in the Wind

I walk this life without him physically by my side
Yet in spirit we are always as one.

We have on many journeys touched the deepest
Part of the heart and spiritually grown.

He is my eternal love, my teacher, my friend, my king
He leaves my soul wanting for nothing.

From the deepest canyon floors to the highest peak
He offers his hand for courage and hope.
Of this deep eternal love we do not speak
For the separate lives we live do not meld.

Yet I have the joyous memories of being held
So close to him I felt his heart beat.

No music did I hear till I found him once more
Somewhere on my journey worth every mile.

He gave me courage to fly like Eagle soars
To let Spirit guide me and follow my heart.

Even without him physically here by my side
I feel not alone for we will never spiritually part .

Through many journeys we have built
a strong and profound spiritual relationship
That can never be broken.

We have chosen in this life
separate paths to learn
what we must.

Is he yet aware of this spiritual oneness,
from deepest canyon floors
To the highest peak?

I do not know that life's answer
For of this eternal love we do not speak.
© Content Copyright Phyllis Doyle Burns 2011. All Rights Reserved.